4 Wheel Hub generations available

Wheel Hubs

Car Wheel Hubs have evolved significantly over time, transitioning through roughly four generations of design and functionality.  In fact, every wheel bearing consists of two rows of balls or rollers. At first, in hub 0, the oldest generation, these are separate bearings that utilize tapared roller or ball bearings. In the later types, the two rows are combined into one bearing housing, simplifying design and installation. Where the mounting of the older generation is complicated, it becomes easier with every new generation.


The older generation has to be greased and requires special adjustment to achieve the correct preload. The latest generation of bearing units are fully assembled, ready to bolt on units that require little or no special skills. This generation represents the pinnacle of wheel bearing technology, focusing on user-friendliness and minimal maintenance. Additionally, all products have EAC approval and are provided with fitting instructions for the selected articles.


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Wheel Hubs in a nutshell
  • Over 1,500 articles in range
  • 4 generations available
  • All consist of two rows of balls, or rollers
  • Fitting instructions for selected articles
  • Extensive documentation
  • EAC approval


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