Parking brake, Clutch, Accelerator and Speedometer cables

Brake Cables

The control cable range includes more than 2,600 cables divided into four sub-groups: brake cables, clutch cables, accelerator cables and speedometer cables. To produce the entire range of cables, more than 8,500 different components are used. Brake cables are used every time the parking brake is activated. 


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Clutch cables

Can be fitted with an automatch tensioner

Clutch cables are used in every gear change and can be fitted with an automatic tensioner. The inner cable is often coated with nylon, and the outer, wound steel, conduit can also be lined on the inside. The outside of the steel conduit is always coated.  


Gilbrant Christenhuis | Manager Export Sales

Other cables

Accelerator and Speedometer cables

The Accelerator cable is a cable that is attached to your pedal and your throttle valve. With the help of this system you can accelerate. With the help of an electric odometer, the speedometer cable is attached to the gearbox, or via the drivetrain (ABS sensor, gear and TPMS). It measures rotation through electrical pulses. It translates the duration of the electrical signal, into speed, while you are driving.


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