Car Splash Panels

Available for the front and rear side of the car

Splash Panels

Splash panels play a significant role in relation to the braking system of a car. Their primary function is not to directly enhance the braking performance, but the product ensures that no dirt enters the brake system and also helps as a heat protector for other parts of the car. The active range of splash panels consists of over 520 articles.


Splash panels are available in different varieties and used for various applications. Panels are available for the front and rear sides of the car, as well as for the left and the right. The material used to make the splash panels is sheet metal. The sheet metal is formed into thin, flat sections, shaped using an industrial process. All products are available in a black or silver coating and have EAC approval.  


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Splash Panels in a nutshell
  • Over 520 articles in range
  • Black or Silver coating
  • Heat and dirt protector
  • Extensive documentation
  • EAC approval


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