Brake & Clutch Hydraulics

The most extensive range in the aftermarket


Brake and Clutch Hydraulics critically supports the functioning of a vehicle’s braking and transmission systems. ABS offers an incredibly vast selection of more than 3,000 articles. Eventually, this range includes brake pressure regulators, brake master cylinders and wheel brake cylinders. In fact, the ABS hydraulic range is the most extensive range in the aftermarket. Years of development has resulted in a market-driven range of products backed up with a huge stock, even for slow-moving articles. For ABS All Brake Systems, direct availability of quality car parts is a priority.


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A very extensive range

The Clutch Hydraulics range includes clutch master and slave cylinders. Clutch slave cylinders can be mounted externally and operate the clutch via a clutch fork or they can be fitted directly between gearbox and flywheel (CSC). Besides the traditional primary and secondary clutch cylinder layout, the clutch slave cylinder is now being integrated into the gearbox in an increasing number of cases. These hydraulic thrust bearings are also referred to as CSC bearings.


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