Car ABS Sensors

There are two main types of ABS sensors; passive or active

ABS Sensors

Car Anti-lock Braking System sensors play a crucial role in modern vehicle safety systems by monitoring wheel speed and helping to prevent the wheels from locking up during braking. There are two main types of ABS sensors; passive or active. Passive types generate an analog signal when the wheel is in motion. They work by detecting the changes in the magnetic field as teeth of a tone wheel pass by the sensor. Also, active sensors are mostly equipped with a Hall sensor.


Active types require an input signal which is influenced by a changing magnetic field around the Hall sensor. In fact, this is a digital signal which will be generated without the car in motion, allowing for more precise and immediate detection of wheel speed changes. A feature that is useful for e.g. a hill holder function. All products have EAC approval and are provided with fitting instructions for the selected articles.


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ABS Sensors in a nutshell
  • Almost 2,000 ABS sensors in range
  • Active and passive sensors available
  • Fitting instructions for selected articles
  • Extensive documentation
  • EAC approval


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