Car Mountings

The mountings allow the suspension arms to move up and down


Mountings play a pivotal role in the overall functionality and comfort of a vehicle. ABS has an extensive range of more than 1,900 articles. The car mountings allow the suspension arms to move up and down. They provide just the right amount of flexibility to the suspension system while still ensuring that the vehicle remains safe, comfortable and responsive during various driving conditions. Also, the bushings need to be able to withstand vibrations, pressure and temperature changes.


Most are composed of metal inner and outer sleeves vulcanized to a rubber core. The hardness and shape of the rubber core can be varied to give differing suspension characteristics; solid bushes are stronger but restrict movement and transfer more vibrations. All products have EAC approval and are provided with fitting instructions for the selected articles.


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Mountings in a nutshell
  • More than 1,900 articles in range
  • Metal inner and outer sleeves
  • Vulcanized to a rubber core
  • Fitting instructions for selected articles
  • Extensive documentation
  • EAC approval


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