Car Ball Joints

The ball joint is a crucial component in the suspension of any car

Ball Joints

Ball joints are critical components of a vehicle’s suspension and steering system, acting as pivot points between the suspension and the wheels. It is the main joint that allows the wheels to steer smoothly. Also, it provides structural support for the weight of the vehicle, in combination with the right amount of movement.


ABS has an active range of more than 575 car ball joints.  In fact, the ball around the joint pivots is made of high grade, hardened steel and is precision machined.  Also, the housing is engineered to form a precise fit. Ball joints are greased and sealed, as it is of crucial importance that no water or contaminants penetrate the housing. Besides that, all products have EAC approval and we provide fitting instructions for the selected articles.


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Ball Joints in a nutshell
  • Over 575 articles in range
  • Joint pivots made of high grade, hardened steel
  • Ball joints are greased and sealed
  • Fitting instructions for selected articles
  • Extensive documentation
  • EAC approval


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