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ABS has developed a new website, webshop and customer portal, all based on the latest trends and technology. But that’s not all, we also layed down the foundation of a brand new customer journey. Navigating through these three platforms is easy. In order to make sure our digital world becomes your digital home, we’ve made a short summary to introduce everything.

What's new?

  • ABS used to have a website, webshop and portal in one. This is now split into two environments: the website and the webshop/portal
  • Reason for this is, to save space for a cleaner, more minimalistic design, which is easier to take in and to increase overal speed
  • This means that there are also two domains. The website (, and the webshop/portal (
  • All platforms will be a lot faster, this because of a web server upgrade, several development changes and different hosting
  • New features are added, for instance: filter views, export buttons, price/assortment lists, RMA’s and track and trace
  • UI/UX is applied. This logical way of designing, helps you to find the right destination a lot faster



The new website has a state of the art design, featured with the latest web development elements. This website takes you on a journey to gain knowledge about the company, its history and the products. With the help of photos out of three different photo shoots and of course a new brand video, this website shows you what ABS really stands for. Becoming an ABS client is easy, we placed a button on every page to start the registration process and we cut the registration form in half, which makes it a lot faster to register yourself.


  • Information about the company its services and products
  • Inspirational platform with cool photo and video content
  • Clear customer journey, with easy to distinguish CTA buttons
  • An updated registration form, which saves you a lot of time



The design of the webshop matches with the website, but with its red header, the shop can easily be distinguished. The biggest improvement of the webshop is speed. Loading and filtering articles, is now going much faster, which improves the ordering process. Please see the below for a list of all the extra functionalities.


  • The webshop can be opened by clicking on the shop button in the header
  • Please be aware that in order to see all options and functionalities, you need to be logged in
  • In order to save space, filters can now be opened or closed
  • The specification filter has been heavily upgraded which makes it very usefull now
  • You will only see the specification filter once you’ve used the “product type” filter
  • Comparing products is now very easy, select 2, or more products and simply press the “compare” button
  • De Range Update can now also be used as a filter in the webshop
  • All filter views can be exported via the Excel export button, with this new feature you can download every selection you want



Your new home! Via the mega menu you can easily navigate through several sections. We now made a selection of the most important sections and added a couple new ones. For instance RMA’s, here you can now arrange everything yourself with regards to returns, warranties and other related topics. But that’s not all, the new portal will also have the possibility to track and trace your shipments.


  • Once you’re logged in, “My ABS” will appear in the main menu
  • Here you can find all possibilities the portal has to offer
  • At the section “Notifications” you can find old and new notifications
  • You can also sign up for the ABS update email
  • At “My files” you can download a price lists, RAI file and the total ABS assortment
  • So, next to the export function in the webshop, there are also standard files available
  • The portal also has a completely new section “RMA’s”
  • Here you can submit returns, warranties, manco’s and deposits
  • Track and trace will also be included in the portal
  • A packing slip can consist of several packages, each with its own track and trace link
  • Click on a packing slip number to view the track and trace information



If you have any other questions, or feedback, please contact, or your personal account manager.