45 year anniversary weekend in Budapest!

A great weekend

Friday the 27th of October, all employees of ABS and their partners flew from Amsterdam to Budapest to celebrate the 45 year anniversary of ABS. Great food, city walks, a tour through the city on electric scotters and a dinner cruise on the Donau were some of the highlights of the trip.


Webshop v.1.2

31 improvements have been made over the past weeks

31 Improvements

31 improvements have been made over the past weeks for the following elements: stock, warranties, Range Updates, product specifications, downloadable files and the FAQ section. Below you’ll find a brief summary of the described topics.


Short summary

A brief summary of the described topics
  • Stock: after logging in, each partner will now see the available stock from the warehouse that is linked to their account.
  • Warranties: partners that are on a redemption scheme. Won’t be able to use the warranty section anymore.
  • Range Update: The complete Range Update can now be found in the webshop. Check out this video.
  • Specifications: The fitting position will now be available for every article in the webshop. Filter on car to see the fitting position of the article in relation to the car you selected.
  • Files: The My Files section now got 3 new files. The ISO:2015 and Matching quality certificates and the material safety data sheets.
  • FAQ: This section gets constant updates. Click Here to find answers on questions that partners had in the past.