Range Update

New location and functionalities

What's new?

As of now, you can view the complete Range Update in the webshop. Here you can download standardized files but also use several filters to export the information you need. The Range Update is available for all ABS partners, but export functionalities will only work after logging in. If you have any further questions, please check out the video tutorial below. You can go to the webshop by clicking the red button in the main menu.


Brembo references

Article references adjusted


ABS wants to make everything as clear and easy as possible for its partners. Therefore, the decision has been made to change the Brembo article references for Brake Pads back to their original format.


Example: References will go from this: P06079, back to this: P 06 079. No other changes will be made.



September 14-15

On the following two dates it won’t be possible to order Brembo Brake Pads! Conversion date: September 14-15. From September 16 on, it will be possible to place an order again.