With the help of market data, ABS gives proper stock advice

Wide range

The Netherlands has the most diverse car population in the world! No other country has more brands, models and types than The Netherlands. When ABS started exporting in the 80’s no new articles were added to the range, increasing stock levels of existing articles did the trick to meet the growing demand from export markets. Today the ABS range of products has the best coverage in any European market, and many other markets worldwide.


Insight in market share

ABS gives all its articles an A-B-C-D-E code. This code offers insight in the market share of the product. For example with our A-coded brake discs we cover 50% of the market.


If you have our A-B-C brake discs in stock, you will cover 85% of the market. The less common articles, known as our D and E stock will also be available through our warehouses.


Martijn Snijders | Managing Director

Stock advice

Number of articles

We just learned that with an A-coded brake disc, you can cover 50% of your market. In reality there are only 36 different A-coded discs. With an E-coded brake disc however, you cover 10% of your market, but there are actually over 1.457 different E-coded discs.


That’s why ABS advices to take the A, B and C coded brake discs in stock and order the D and E articles from our warehouse nearby. By doing this, you can make sure to have everything in stock.